Preservation Review Commission

The Blanchard City Council currently serves as members of the Preservation Review Commission.

The Preservation Review Commission shall have the following duties and powers:

  1. To develop appropriate criteria and standards for identifying and evaluating neighborhoods,  places, structures and improvements which might be classified as landmarks, historic sites or historic districts;
  2. To designate landmarks, historic sites or historic districts within the corporate limits of the City of Blanchard, Oklahoma; once designated by the Commission, such landmarks, historic sites and historic districts shall be subject to all the provisions of this Code of Ordinances, as well as any other specifically-appropriate zoning ordinance provisions;
  3. To compile a list of structures which would be eligible for designated landmark or historic structures status; such structures may be within or outside of an historic district; the Commission may negotiate with the owners of such structures for an agreement binding the owner and property; such agreement may be for a specified period of time and shall be binding on subsequent owners until the end of the time specified;
  4. To acquire a fee or lesser interest, including "preservation easements," in historic properties by donation, bequest or, with the approval of the City Council, by purchase;
  5. To cooperate with federal, state, local and other agencies in pursuing the objectives of historic preservation; to develop and recommend ordinances, legislation and programs, and otherwise provide information on historic preservation to the Blanchard, Oklahoma, City Council;
  6. To design appropriate markers for designated landmarks, historic sites and historic districts;
  7. To take all steps necessary, including the taking, preparation and collection of photographs, measured drawings, descriptions, recorded interviews, written data and documentations to permanently record the origin, development, use and historical significance of each landmark, historic site or historic district;
  8. To review, subject to this Code of Ordinances, applications for new or existing building or demolition permits; and to work on a voluntary basis with the owners of landmarks, historic sites or structures within an historic district, advising them on the benefits, problems and techniques of preservation and encouraging their participation in preservation activities; and to issue or deny “certificate of appropriateness” for said work;
    1. All requests for building permits for structures within an historic district and for those designated as landmarks or historic sites shall be referred to the Preservation Review Commission, which shall have a specified period of time to review each request; the Commission may use such time to discuss the proposed changes with the owner of the structure in question and may permit the Building Inspector to issue the building permit before such period has expired; following this review, the Commission shall issue or deny issuance of a “certificate of appropriateness" for the reviewed work;
    2. This shall not prohibit the granting of a building permit by the Building Inspector after such period has expired, if the Commission has not made a decision;
  9. To make recommendations regarding the proposed demolition of designated landmarks, historic sites or structures within historic districts, including public demolition procedures initiated through statutory "nuisance abatement" processes, as well as other public or privately-initiated demolition processes; no permit to demolish all or part of such landmarks or structures shall be granted by the Building Inspector, nor shall an abatement order be implemented, except as follows:
    1. Except as otherwise provided, no person, including an agent of the City of Blanchard, Oklahoma, in charge of a landmark or historic site improvement in an historic district shall be granted a permit or permission to demolish, partially or in total, such property without the written approval of the Preservation Review Commission;
    2. Upon the filing of an application with the Preservation Review Commission, said Commission shall determine whether the proposed change would destroy or adversely affect the historical features of the landmark, historic site or historic district property;
    3. If the Preservation Review Commission determines that the landmark, historic site or property within an historic district would be adversely affected by the proposed change, it may withhold its consent to the granting of permission or of the permit; the Commission shall make its decision within thirty (30) days after the filing of the application, and shall state in writing the reasons therefore, mailing the same to the applicant;
    4. If the Preservation Review Commission refuses to grant permission or approve issuance of a permit for demolition, it shall cooperate with the applicant to arrive at a mutually agreeable plan to avoid demolition, maintain historic integrity and achieve the applicant's objectives; if no plan is agreed upon within six (6) months of the filing of the  application, the Building Inspector may issue the permit to demolish the subject property or the municipal agent may proceed, without the approval of the Commission;
  10. To rescind designation of landmarks, historic sites or historic districts;
  11. To review requests for exceptions for uses within any historic district;
  12. To accept or raise funds from public and private sources; and to
  13. Make an annual preservation report (optional) to the City Council.