Blanchard Veterans Memorial

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The Blanchard Veterans Memorial will be distinctly different from most memorials you have seen.  The memorial wall will be made of a special translucent glass with built in lighting that will illuminate the wall at night.  There will be a Water Fountain along the base of the wall plus an “Eternal Flame” on the top of the wall.  There will be a panel, as well as flag poles, honoring each of the six branches of the military, Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard and the Merchant Marines. 

Located around the perimeter of the memorial courtyard, will be four pentagon shaped columns.  These columns will be designed so that anyone can purchase an “Honor Brick” to honor or memorialize any friend, family member and relative, whomever you desire.  These columns will have lighting on the inside to complement the special glass bricks they will display.  These 4” x 8” Honor Bricks will be one of the primary funding mechanisms to build this Memorial.  These “Honor Bricks” will sell for $125.00 each or you may purchase three of more different bricks at one time, for $100.00 each.  Three of these pentagon shaped columns will only display glass bricks honoring Veterans.

The fourth column will be reserved for corporate, business and individual sponsorships to help fund the construction.  There will be 10 different sized sponsorship panels available for sale.  Sizes will range from 4” x 8” up to 16” x 20”.  Prices for these will run from $500.00 up to $5,000.00.  These glass panels, will be designed the same as the other pentagon shaped columns, providing back lighting for night viewing.   Each panel purchased will be a permanent part of the memorial.  The buyer can submit artwork, a photo, a logo, even simply text, to be engraved on the panel.  Promote your business or company in the memorial, recognize someone for their service to the community, acknowledge civilians with the DOD, or honor an organization that has played an important role within the community.

You will begin to see brochure holders around town, along with a few cash donation boxes.  The brochures will explain the project in greater detail and provide you with an order form.  You may donate to the project or purchase an “Honor Brick” or “Sponsor Panel” by cash, check or credit card.  We would prefer to avoid credit cards when possible, in order to avoid the committee from having to absorb the card processing fees.  That will cut into the fund raising goal.  The estimated cost of construction has been projected to be up to $265,000.00. We also encourage any form of “in-kind” donations of products or services that will contribute toward the construction of the Memorial.  All donations, purchases, sponsorships and in-kind gifts, are “tax deductable” as permitted by the IRS.

The memorial will be built entirely from donations and sponsorships.  This unique memorial will become an iconic and memorable experience to be enjoyed by people from all over the state.