Boards & Commissions

We have several boards and commissions that provide valuable input to the city council on different policy matters. The Mayor makes all nominations with confirmation by the City Council to serve on volunteer ad hoc committees, boards, and commissions.  We are looking for people who want to help in the life of the city in order to make Blanchard a great place to live, work and play. You can participate in any number of ways depending on your particular interests.  If you are interested in recreational activities within the City such as Parks & Recreation, parades, concerts, festivals or other community event, then consider volunteering. If your interest is in  the appearance of downtown and possible historic sites of the city, we have the Preservation Review Commission (not active yet). If you are interested in long term planning, we have the Planning Commission. These are just a few of the boards and commissions that are an important part of our city government. They are delegated with decision-making authority such as the Board of Adjustment and the Planning Commission. Blanchard may have a place for your interest and you are urged to participate. Please feel free to complete an APPLICATION for consideration to serve on various boards. Annual appointments are generally made in June, but efforts are made to fill all vacancies as they occur.