Traffic Court

Traffic Court is held on the 4th Tuesday of each month at 3:00pm in the council/court chambers at City Hall, located at 122 North Main Street, Blanchard, Oklahoma.

Traffic Court hears and adjudicates all prosecutions wherein a violation of any traffic ordinances of Blanchard is charged, including any such prosecutions transferred to the court in accordance with applicable law.

If you receive a citation for "No Insurance," "No Driver's License in Possession," "Defective Equipment," please contact the municipal court clerk to inquire about information you need to have these citations dismissed with court costs.

Disposition of traffic offenses will be reported to the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety as well as requests for suspension of driver license for failure to comply with the terms of citation and court orders.

Method of Payment:
Fines are payable by money orders, cashier's checks, checks or cash in person at city hall.  Credit cards or debit cards are accepted on-line. To pay on-line or see Court Fines in the DOC CENTER.

* You must sign in at 2:30 p.m. prior to court appearance.

* Court dates are subject to change.
* Blanchard municipal court starts promptly at 3p.m. on court date.
* You must be on the docket if you want to speak with the prosecutor or call the
   court clerk for an appointment with the prosecutor. 

If you have questions regarding Traffic Court, please contact the court clerk.