Fire Prevention

Fire prevention is a full-time function of the Blanchard Fire Department. The department's goal is to provide fire prevention education to prevent fires and help people survive them. The department conducts annual fire prevention lectures to school children and provides station tours upon request. The city of Blanchard used the International Fire Code 2009 to ensure that buildings in the city are built to national standards and aid in fire prevention.

Fire Safety
It is important that fire safety be taught in the home. Children should be taught not to play with matches, lighters or candles and to tell an adult if they find one or see another child playing with them. Candles should be put out when leaving the home or going to bed. Families should have an evacuation plan and practice regularly. This allows everyone to know what to do in the event of a fire. Everyone should know different ways to get out in case fire blocks the way and have a designated location for the family to meet. Once out stay out and wait for the fire department to arrive.  REMEMBER: 'STOP, DROP & ROLL' if your clothes catches fire.

Smoke Detectors
Smoke detectors save lives and should be in every home and business. Smoke detectors cut the chances of dying in a fire by about fifty (50%) percent. The Blanchard Fire Department provides FREE smoke detectors to residents who are elderly, disabled or cannot afford them who live within the fire department's jurisdiction. Detectors are available for pick up at the fire department or delivery and installation by trained personnel. * Detectors should be checked at least once a month by pressing the button* Replace smoke detector batteries twice a year when time changes or when the detector chirps* Replace smoke detectors every 10 years or if they do not respond correctly when tested* Keep smoke detectors dust free and do not paint over them* Smoke detectors should be installed in every bed room, outside of each sleeping area and on every level of the home.For more information, please contact the fire department's non-emergency phone number at 405-485-3939.

Outdoor Burning
Outdoor burning is allowed in the city limits but is restricted to grass, leaves, trees, shrubs, limbs and other natural products. BURNING OF HOUSEHOLD TRASH IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED! Anyone wishing to conduct outdoor burning needs to contact the Communications Center at 405-485-9391. Burning is only allowed when conditions are safe. Winds must be less than 10mph and the fire will be distinguished if conditions change. A pressurized water source is required to be present on the property. Smoke and flames cannot obscure roadways. Burn piles must be more than thirty (30) feet away from any overhead wires or cables. Gasoline shall not be used to ignite the fire. The fire must be extinguished prior to sundown. Any person or resident choosing to burn does so at his or her own risk and in no event shall any liability or damages be imposed upon the representative approving the permit, the Blanchard Fire Department or the city of Blanchard, if damages and/or injury are sustained as of result of any burning. Pile sizes are restricted to 10x10x6 feet, limit one pile per residential and 30x30x10 feet, limit of two (2) piles for commercial.