Q: What is an Advanced Meter Reader?

A: Advanced Meter Readers (AMR) measure and record the amount of water used in a home or business, just like the electromechanical meters that have been working on homes and businesses for years. Instead of the gears and dials in older meters. AMRs use digital technology and have no moving parts.

Q: How does this technology work?

A: Advanced Meter Reading technology uses a radio frequency (RF) network. RF use is common in various everyday devices such as cell phones and microwaves. In an RF solution, meter data is transmitted by radio frequency and collected by a secure frequency.

Q: Are there any health issues related to the new meters?

A: The new meters meet all Federal and State requirements banning lead, which is another reason we are replacing existing meters. The AMR’s use very low-power radio frequency (RF) waves to transmit your data, frequencies similar to those used in baby monitors, cordless phones and televisions. 

Q: Why is the City of Blanchard installing, advanced meter readers?

A: As with any measuring device, meters can become less accurate as they age. Water meters have a useful life of approximately 15 years, after which accuracy will diminish. Advanced Meter Readers give the City the tools to provide better customer service to you and reduce operating expenses.

Q: Will you still need to read my meter?

A: Yes, until installation in Blanchard is complete, a meter reader will continue to read your meter. After that, your meter will be read remotely. There may still be a need, from time to time, for our Water Department to enter your yard or business if a meter problem is detected.

Q: Is there anything that I need to do to prepare?

A: Yes, provide access to the existing meter.

Q: Will the water flow be interrupted during installation?

A: Installation of the Advanced Meter Readers will cause your water to be interrupted briefly, (30-60 minutes) while the old meter is replaced with the new meter. We understand that some businesses and industry cannot be interrupted easily. We will work with business owners to minimize any impact on operations.

 Q: Will I be notified prior to my new meter being installed?

A: Yes, each customer will receive written notice included in their September bill. This will inform you of the date that installation will begin.

Q: Is every water customer in Blanchard getting a new water meter?

A: Yes, all existing meters will be replaced with a new AMR.

Q: Will I have to pay for my new Advanced Meter Reading System?

A: There is no added cost associated with this system. The AMR installation is done at no charge to the resident/business owner.

Q: Will my billing period change?

A: There are no current plans to change the date that the bill is rendered.

Q: Will my water bill increase?

A: Not necessarily, however, as meters age, they tend to run slower and lose accuracy over time. Depending on the age and accuracy of your existing meter, your bill could change based on the consumption associated with the new meter.

Q: What are the benefits for residents?

A: The AMR benefits both the City and the customer by eliminating the need for manual meter readers plus monitoring capabilities that include assisting customers in detecting water leaks. The meters in an AMR system are often referred to as smart meters since they often can use collected data based on programmed logic. This program spotlights problem areas and is especially helpful with reads in winter, when our water meters are covered with snow and ice.

Q: What if there is a leak at the meter or any problems after the meter is replaced?

A: Please call the City Water Department at 405-485-9392 during the hours of 8am and 5pm. If after hours, please call the non-emergency police number at 405-485-9391.