ACH Payment

The City of Blanchard offers automatic bank drafting to pay your monthly utility bill. Automatic bank drafting allows you to pay your bills for water, sewer and trash services automatically by charging it to your checking account.

How It Works
When you use automatic drafting you still receive a monthly bill just as you do now which features the date your bill will be automatically paid, usually about ten (10) days after the bill date, depending on weekends and holidays. If you have questions about your bill, you will have plenty of time to contact the utility clerk prior to the automatic transfer.

If, however, at any time you wish to stop paying by automatic transfer, simply contact the utility clerk at (405) 485-9392 extension 1xx, and you will be removed from the plan. Please notify the utility clerk if you change bank accounts.

The only requirement for enrollment in the plan is that you have a checking account. Simply complete the authorization form, enclose it along with a voided check and return them both to the Utility Clerk. Keep the upper portion for your records. It will take about thirty (30) days to set up your account. Continue to pay your bill as usual, until your bill is marked 'Draft Pay'.

In case of insufficient funds or closed bank accounts, you will be assessed by your financial institution and the Blanchard Municipal Improvement Authority (BMIA) the same amount that would apply for a dishonored check.

Return the form to:

Utility Clerk                                                City Hall
P.O. Box 480                                              122 North Main Street
Blanchard, OK 73010                                   Blanchard, OK 73010

For additional information or questions, please call the utility clerk at (405) 485-9392.